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About Ramp It Up


Ramp It Up is a mobile and web tool that empowers teenagers to be more confident about financing a college education through:


  • Building financial capability

  • Increasing confidence

  • Exposing students to college financial readiness tools

  • Encouraging students to explore and take action on those tools

Ramp it Up introduces students to concepts such as the FAFSA and is interspersed with a fun, exciting game to keep students motivated. By doing so, the app builds financial confidence and improves engagement and action-taking.


Ramp It Up has also been recognized as a promising and pioneering innovation by the U.S. Treasury Department's Financial Empowerment Innovation Fund. 

About Commonwealth

Commonwealth is a national nonprofit that strengthens the financial opportunity and security of financially vulnerable consumers by discovering ideas, designing solutions, pilot testing and evaluating designs, and driving innovations to scale. To do this, Commmonwealth works with the financial services industry, government agencies, national nonprofit groups, state and local community groups, and public policy organizations.

Commonwealth’s innovation process has produced six award-winning games covering topics from managing credit cards and debt to avoiding financial fraud. Our game library, available at, has received national news media attention and generated over 100,000 hours of game play across 50 states.


For more on Commonwealth, go to or follow on Twitter at @buildcommonwealth.

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