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Why partner with us?

Help students become more informed about how to finance college!

Work with an organization that has spent over a decade developing innovations that incentivize savings and teach financial literacy!

Supplement your college readiness curriculum with a tool that encourages students to proactively understand the college financial landscape. 

Seeking new partners!

We are seeking partners that will play a crucial role in helping us study the potential that the app has to improve students’ ability to make positive higher education financing decisions.

The ideal partner would give us access to students to test the app, as well as provide a physical space where students can take 3 surveys so that we can gather insights into the effectiveness of the app and gamified experiences as educational tools.


This project will also provide the partner with an opportunity to test a new way to have their students willingly engage with higher education financing material such as the Federal Student Aid and FAFSA websites, and receive insights on student communication strategies.

If you have any questions, please contact us! We are excited to connect with you!

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