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Resources for Students

How do I:

Finance college?

  • FAFSA Video

    • The FAFSA is the gateway to financial aid! Find out how it can help you pay for college.

  • Peterson’s Scholarship Search

    • There are all kinds of scholarships for students just like you.  Find the right one at Peterson’s!


    • You’ll be informed about financial aid after your read the FAFSA and EFC FAQ.

  • Federal Loan FAQ

    • Learn about the different types of federal student loans and how they can help you cover your college costs.


    • Start your FREE, official FAFSA application here.

Figure out how much tuition costs?

  • College Scorecard

    • Financial aid won’t last forever. Find your college’s graduation rate to make sure you can graduate on time.

  • College Board

    • Not all colleges can help you meet 100% of your financial needs. Find out how much colleges you are interested in can help on College Board.

  • CollegeData

    • Some students graduate with more debt than others. Find out the average total debt that students graduate with at your college.

Learn more about my desired career?

  • Payscale Tool

    • Find out how much money you could make in the job you are interested in.

  • Job Profile

    • Will there be a lot of open jobs in your industry when you graduate? Look up a job profile to find out.

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