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Paying for College

College may seem very expensive, but it doesn’t have to cost as much as you think. Remember, 85% of students receive a discount to college! 

Scholarships (merit-based aid), grants (need-based aid), and work-study are all types of gift aid - money you don't have to pay back! Many people, companies, and schools want to give students gift aid!

Student loans aren't gift aid. You will have to pay these back over time. However, loans aren't always bad. You can find loans that are right for you. The federal government givs out loans that will usually cost less than private loans. 

Check out the resources below to look for scholarships and learn more about federal loans!

Peterson’s Scholarship Search

  • There are all kinds of scholarships for students just like you.  Find the right one at Peterson’s!


Federal Loan FAQ

  • Learn about the different types of federal student loans and how they can help you cover your college costs.

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